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Castle Rock

Castle Rock Apartments - 
Located at 415 Tatone Street in Boardman, Oregon.
Castle Rock Apartments are reserved for farm workers (See qualifications above). This property was opened for occupancy in September of 2012. It consists of 40 family apartments, including eight 1-bedroom units, eight 2-bedroom units, eighteen 3-bedroom units and six 4-bedroom units. All units are Platinum Energy Star rated and have dishwashers, ceramic top freestanding stoves, with spacious cupboards and storage areas. These units are restricted to farm labor families who make a minimum of $7,050 in farm labor. Income restrictions do apply for this property. Rents are based on family income and size. The property has a large community room with a covered pick-nick area with bar-b-que grills and tables. Playground for the children and a large onsite, affordable laundry facility. The project is located within walking distance to all Boardman community services and shopping areas. Two elementary schools are nearby.
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