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Occupancy Standards

The UMATILLA COUNTY Housing Authority will issue a voucher for a particular bedroom size - the bedroom size is a factor in determining the family's level of assistance. The following guidelines will determine each family's unit size without overcrowding or over-housing:

Number of Bedrooms

Number of Persons

  Minimum Maximum
0 1 1
1 1 2
2 2 4
3 3 6
4 4 8
5 5 10

These standards are based on the assumption that each bedroom will accommodate no more than two(2) persons. Two adults will share a bedroom unless related by blood.

In determining bedroom size, the Umatilla CountyHousing Authority will include the presence of children to be born to a pregnant woman, children who are in the process of being adopted, children whose custody is being obtained, children who are temporarily away at school or temporarily in foster-care

  1. Bedroom size will also be determined using the following guidelines:
  2. Children of the same sex will share a bedroom.
  3. Children of the opposite sex, both under the age of six (6) will share a bedroom.
  4. Adults and children will not be required to share a bedroom.
  5. Foster-adults and children will not be required to share a bedroom with family members.
  6. Live-in aides will get a separate bedroom.

The Umatilla County Housing Authority will grant exceptions to normal occupancy standards when a family requests a larger size than the guidelines allow and documents a medical reason why the larger size is necessary.

The family unit size will be determined by the Umatilla County Housing Authority in accordance with the above guidelines and will determine the maximum rent subsidy for the family; however, the family may select a unit that may be larger or smaller than the family unit size. If the family selects a smaller unit, the payment standard for the smaller size will be used to calculate the subsidy. If the family selects a larger size, the payment standard for the family unit size will determine the maximum subsidy.